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Triad Conspiracy









200 NIGHT Supersoldier, 10 ONI Section III organizers, 3 ONI Section III Commanders

Part of

3 Commanders have absolute power


200 NIGHTs




NIGHT Soldiers, Stolen Modified Hayabusa Powered Assault Armor


Attempted Assassination of UNSC leadership


3 Unnamed ONI Section III officers


The Triad Conspiracy was a conspiracy to assassinate UNSC leadership and take control of the UNSC and ONI in a bloody coup.



In 2542, a trio of ONI agents began to thirst for greater power, and for control of the UNSC. Creating a plan, the trio gathered ten other officers to serve as officers in their bid to take command of the UNSC.


The first step in the trio's mind was to gather funds, something that seemed easily accomplishable. The trio began to siphon funds off of ONI Section III black ops, gathered thousands in a matter of months. After sufficient funds had been gathered, the members of Triad began to hire on mercinarries, to serve as a personal guard and strike force. The third phase was one of the most risky of the entire plan. In a daring act, one of the officers stole records of the SPARTAN-III augumentation records, which were then copied, and, after more funds had been siphoned, put to use.

200 of the best mercinaries were augmented with SPARTAN procedures, and taught to use stolen modified Haybusa power armor. The soldiers were trained on a desolate swamp world on the edge of UNSC controlled space, and were codenamed NIGHTs. However, despite their apparent sucess, their siphoning of funds came to the attention of ONI Section 0, and a team of Section 0 agents were dispatched to the training planet of the NIGHTs to do recon. Triad responded with an attack force of automated Skyrocket-Class Fighters, shooting down the agents before they entered the atmosphere.

However, Section 0 was not to be easily defeated. They dispatched SPARTAN-144, their personal agent, to the system. Leonid managed to crash his transport onto the surface of the planet and make his way to the NIGHT training facility. Unfortunately for him, all but 35 of the NIGHTs had been transferred to Reach days earlier. SPARTAN-144 infiltrated the training complex and discovered Triad's plan, then assassinated one of the three Triad leaders. Word spread like wild-fire, and alarmed, the remaining two commanders authorized the immediate implemtation of the step five, the assassination of the UNSC leadership by NIGHT agents.

SPARTAN-144 however spoiled their plan. He arrived on Reach and saved the UNSC leadership, foiling their only chance. The duo of Triad leaders then launched a last ditch all out attack with all but 20 NIGHTs, but were fought off by marines and SPARTAN-144. Within weeks, ONI Section 0 members hunted down and captured all of the conspirators, along with the remaining NIGHTs, and executed them quietly. Triad was never officially documented, and it went down in the history books as an attempted rebel attack.