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Top: View of Tripoli from space. Note that the planet's northern hemisphere is to the left.
Bottom: A Kavrayskiy VII representation of the planet.
Tripoli (12 Gamma Γ)

12 Gamma Prime


13,058 km


2548: 113,092,000

Major cities

UND2 United Nations Directorate
UNSCnew-1 UN Space Command

"Tripoli seems like a stepping stone. It boasts wonderful tourism magnets yet at the same time is capable of relying on its powerhouse economy."

Tripoli (known also as 12 Gamma Γ) is a planet located in the 12 Gamma System in the Core region. Around the same age as Earth and the rest of the Sol system, Tripoli is one of three planets in the system, the others being New Slovenija, an arctic world, and 12 Gamma Α, a gas giant. The latter is the only planet not in the system's habitable zone.

Since the early 2400's, it has found itself under the prosperous governance of humanity. It has grown to support an economy centering around agriculture and shipbuilding, among other industries. In addition, its largely temperate/tropical climate allows for the planet to be a tourism and vacationing hotspot. During the Human-Covenant War, Tripoli was the site of a month-long campaign between United Nations Space Command and the invading Covenant.



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