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Tripoli Campaign
Beginning:January 1st, 2552
End:February 5th, 2552
Place:Tripoli, 12 Gamma System
Outcome:UNSC pyrrhic victory
  • Tripoli is 20% glassed.
  • Civilian population drastically reduced.
  • Covenant forces repelled from system.

United Nations Space Command


Tripoli Security Fleet
Tripoli Land Forces Command

Total space assets: 81 ships
Total infantry assets: 2.5 million troops

"The enemy of my enemy is just another nuisance."
―Anonymous Sergeant, referring to Insurrectionist hostilities during the campaign.

The Tripoli Campaign (known also as the Tripolian Campaign or Battle of Tripoli) was a month-long engagement between United Nations Space Command and Covenant forces. It took place in early 2548 on and near the planet Tripoli.

The battle began when a Covenant patrol happened across Human commercial vessels near the outer rim of the 12 Gamma System, the system in which Tripoli resided. They quickly dispatched the trading ships and searched the system's three planets for Human life; full-out battle initiated on the third day of January once the Tripoli Security Fleet engaged the Covenant task element.