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Biographical information
Began service 

June 7, 2552 (Reach)

Physical description

Male personality


Generally quiet personality, quite sarcastic

Normal color

Primarily white with human face with stripes , stripes indicate current emotion (See the Color-emotion indication key)

Political information and functions

Human-Covenant War


Office of Naval Intelligence, United Nations Space Command

Primary Function

Multi-purpose (Primarily as a Battle AI)

Notable Battles

Loss of Hope


TRON-JA307020 (more commonly known as Tron) was a "Smart" AI designed under the watchful eye of the Office of Naval Intelligence at an undisclosed location on the planet Reach. Upon his conception, it was determined that he would become the test subject of a new, highly-classified project, in which he would hypothetically display full sentience, including a personality. This ability would allow him to skillfully preform multiple kinds of tasks. It would also lower the chance of him ever facing natural rampancy. He was also granted top-secret information that he would never be able to share.

Soon after his birth, he named himself "Tron", and sculpted his personal avatar in tribute of an 20th-century movie, titled "TRON". It was planned for him to undergo months of extensive analyzation and assessments, but as the Covenant launched a large-scale attack on Reach, he was forced to flee to the UNSC Beowulf. Soon after the Battle of Hades, as UNSC forces retreated on their way back to Hope, Tron's program was bestowed to Matthew-123.

Soon after Tron's conception, when nothing more mere computer program, he had underwent multiple examinations and tests to analyze his level of sentience. A list of early communication logs can be found here.


Tron's avatar stands at the approximately average male human height of 5'6" (168 cm). Although his program is completely visible to any human, only Matthew-123, having been granted a cybernetic neural link, has the ability to preform telepathy with Tron. The stripes that streak his avatar change color with his mood, a feature suggesting full sentience.


Tron was described as having a quiet, solemn personality. Possibly because ONI granted him such an excess of secretive information that he would never be able to share. Because of his seclusion, and lack of study, it is still unclear whether the hypothetical personality, he was programed with, was a success or not. As Tron's emotions would change, so would the stripes that would streaked the white matte armor of his avatar.

Color-emotion indication key

Below is a list of possible stripe colors, and what mood they reflect. The more intense the shade, indicates the stronger the feeling.

  • White (Blank) = Inactive, neutral
  • Red = Fury, envy, possible rampancy
  • Orange = Intimidation, challenge
  • Yellow = Excitement, surprise, anxiousness
  • Green = Calm, harmonious, serene
  • Blue = Pleasance, joy, pride
  • Violet = Confusion, embarrassment


  • "Tron" pays homage to the popular 1982 movie, "TRON", and its 2010 movie sequel, "TRON: Legacy".
  • Halo Soundtrack "Tron"