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True Human
(Homo sapiens verum)


Average height


Average weight

170 Ib

Skin Color

Variable (ethnic)

  • Often dark-skinned
Average lifespan

80-120 Earth years



  • Forerunner Era
  • Rise of the Covenant Era
  • Globalization Era
  • Colonial and Insurrection Era
  • The Great War Era
  • Post-war Era
  • Four fingered hands and toes
  • Thin, muscular form
  • Immunity to common ailments

True Human (Taxonomically Homo sapiens verum) is the name given to the percentage of humans who had survived the Human-Forerunner War, and evaded humanity's fate of de-evolution after losing the war with the Forerunner. Although practically identical to humans, genetically, they were granted the benefits of evolutionary time, as well as avoiding altercations by the Forerunners. They have willingly been included into the regular human's Interstellar Union, although they are rarely encountered by other races do to their isolation. They have been identified as a Tier 2 race.


The True Human's undisturbed time inhabiting their isolated homeworld granted them time to evolve at a much more rapid rate than victims of the war. The first signs of change were extended reproduction systems to assist in naturally balancing population. Enhanced blood pressure systems assisted in their adaption to the protein-based omnivorous diet that they had adopted. Blood glucose and cholesterol levels were depleted, and ailment immunity developed as ruthless plagues purged their society and kept their population in check for a long time. Over time, the species lost their fifth fingers and toes due to their general lack of usefulness.


Human-Forerunner War

Upon coming to the conclusion that defeat was inevitable, towards the end of the Human-Forerunner War, multiple colonies of the Human race covertly began to advance outward, abandoning the Orion Arm. Although the majority of these Humans had been found and eliminated by unforgiving Forerunners, survivors were rare, and were usually forced to inhabit any barely-suitable planets that they could find. Those that survived often faced extreme genetic mutation. The faction of True Humans initiated the successful colonization of an Earth-like world near the outer tip of the galaxy's Scutum-Crux Arm. Here they remained for millennia.