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40px-Terminal.png This article, Truncated Sentinel Shielding System, was written by -AR-. Please do not edit this fiction without the writer's permission.

Shielding Grids are the most basic of Forerunner energy shielding systems, used primarily by Sentinel-class constructs despite having been considered outdated by Forerunner military forces before the Forerunner-Flood War. Shielding Grids utilise interlocking hardlight shield platelets, positioned so as to maximise force-resistance.

Despite their obsolescence in comparison to general-issue Forerunner military protective systems, shielding grids have continued to remain largely superior to comparable Covenant and Human shielding systems; though shield strength tends to vary by unit, most shielding grids are capable of withstanding large volumes of fire by ballistic, plasma, and radiation based weaponry.

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