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Gremlin SPA
Production information

Type 110


self-propelled gun

Technical specifications







70 tons

Engine Power

plasma core


heavy duty amalgamated polymer lattice over kinetic and heat resistant composite layers and ceramic plating

  • 1x heavy plasma mortar
  • 1x light plasma cannon
Other systems

stabalizer struts



  • Bombardier SPG (UNSC)
  • Batterer (Jirilhanae)
  • Vanquisher (Vorenus)
  • Eliminator (Vorenus)
  • Torrent (Necros)

Necros War


United Sangheili Republic


The Type-110 Gremlin Self-Propelled Artillery is one of the United Sangheili Republic's two self-propelled guns. The Gremlin is the heavier of the two, with the Wraith being the lighter.


The Gremlin Self-Propelled Artillery has a modified Wraith chassis, with reinforcement to carry the heavier gun, and deployable support strusts to be able to fire the main gun safely. The main weapon is a heavy plasma mortar similar to that carried on the Wraith, but much larger. Like the Wraith's plasma mortar, the Gremlin's main gun uses a magnetic field concentrate superheated plasma into a ball and fire it in a parabolic arc, like a UNSC mortar or howitzer shell. The destructive power of such a plasma ball is roughly equal to that of a UNSC 155mm shell. Because of the size of the cannon, support struts must be deployed to keep the recoil from causing the vehicle to be sudden accelerated backwards distances of up to 20 meters, and in some cases, flip the vehicle. The Goblin carries a light plasma cannon turret for defence against infantry, but the main gun must be stabilized in order to fire, so the Gremlin has no defence against armoured vehicles such as Remnant Wraiths and Necros Compound Tanks.

Operational History

In 2585, The United Sangheili Republic began designing a replacement for the Wraith self-propelled gun, which, though a reliable design, it's plasma mortar's shots only about as much destructive power as a UNSC 90mm shell. The answer to this problem was to design a heavier plasma mortar, which fired a plasma ball with a destructive power roughly equal to that of a UNSC 155mm artillery shell. In 2586, the first Type-110 "Gremlin" SPGs were delivered to USR forces, and immediately proved to be devastating weapon, easily pounding Covenant Remnant fortifications and troop formations into submission. When the Necros first engaged in 2616, the Gremlin was again sent into battle, and kept up it's impressive track record of flattening any enemy positions it could get in range of, though USR artillery had to be carefully not to let the Gremlin get too close to the front, as it proved to be poorly suited for direct fire engagements.

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