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The Type-15 Defensive Shield is a piece of Jiralhanae equipment used by Jiralhanae Alliance soldiers, as well as some Remnant soldiers as well, to create small, quickly-erectable portable field barricades.


Similar in for to a scaled-down Thorn Barricade, the Spike Shield is simply a large metal plate with large spikes covering the front to deter opponents from attacking it. The multi-layer ceramic-metal composite coating of the Type-15 and its robust metal construction makes it well-nigh invulnerable to most projectile and plasma weaponry, although a direct hit from a rocket or artillery shell will breach the armor and kill the user.

Given its large size, the Type-15 is difficult to carry one-handed, so Jiralhanae units equipped with it operate in two-man teams, with one Brute acting a "shield-bearer," with the second firing his weapon from behind the cover offered by his partner.

One flaw of the Type-15 is its lack of a hole for a weapon to be fired from, forcing the user to temporarily duck out of cover to fire: due to this, UNSC soldiers have discovered concentrated suppressive fire is effective in pinning down Remnant Brutes using the Type-15, allowing their comrades to flank the shield and kill the users.

UNSC Remarks

"Why's all their stuff gotta look like a porcupine! I mean, what's with the spikes?"
―Anonymous Marine

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