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Type-17 Snare Launcher
Production information

Pyroneous Industries




Snare Launcher

Technical specifications
Ammunition Type


Rate of Fire







Necros War


Jiralhanae Alliance


The Type-17 Snare Launcher is a Jiralhanae support weapon.


A primitive looking weapon, like most of the Brute technology, the Bolas Cannon fires off three metal orbs, each filled with explosives and connected by plasma cords. These then fly at high speeds towards the enemy, or enemies, wrap around them, and when the orbs knock together, they explode. There is also a non-explosive version of the bolas themselves used for capture purposes; usually these orbs are covered in spikes. In build, the Bolas Cannon is long like the Light Plasma Cannon, with a grip towards the end of the barrel and a handle and trigger at the butt. The gun itself holds only six bola chains at a time, and it is completely ineffective against vehicles.

UNSC Remarks

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