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The Type-1B Movement System, also known as the Hippogriff, is a USR infantry equipment system used to give USR infantry personnel limited tactical flight capabilities and enhance the mobility of units equipped with it.


Used in conjunction with the USR Assault Harness, the Hippogriff is mounted on the back of the armor. It uses two anti-gravity generators to allow the user the ability to fly to tactically useful altitudes by providing a localized counter-gravitational force in the immediate vicinity of the user.

Due to a limited on-board energy supply for the power-hungry gravity generators, and the occurrence of occasional overheating problems, the Type-1B was incapable of long periods of sustained flight. In addition, the lack of safety measures made a high-altitude failure of both grav-generators fatal, and a single failure highly hazardous, requiring impressive airmanship in order for a successful landing to be made.

But when the Type-1B was used in briefs bursts it proved highly agile and fleet, capable of avoiding most ground fire leveled at it, although given the large heat signature of the gravity generators, it was vulnerable to heat-seeking missiles, a fact that lead to some users carrying hand-held flares for decoy purposes.


Essentially the same as the Hippogriff, the Type-1C Movement System, or Pegasus is a Kig-Yar fitting version designed for the Kig-Yar Rangers, both when they served the Covenant and during the Necros era. In design, the Pegasus is virtually the same, save the now brown-red paint job and the exacts of the part positions (example: the two “wings” are at slightly different angles), but in purpose and function it is the same, allowing Kig-Yar Rangers to defy gravity (or maneuver in the lack of gravity) for military assaults.

UNSC Remarks

"I saw two Elites with these things swoop right over my head, Guns blazing, damn well lit up those Bravo Kilos."

"They're like the Jump Packs those Brutes used to use, except better."

"Thing's worthless for stealth mission, all those green lights leave streaks all over the place, but when it comes to blowin' stuff up..."

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