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Energy Tri-Shield
Production information

Type-1 Energy Shield/Sangheili



Technical specifications
  • 7.5 feet tall
  • 3 feet wide, total (1 foot per section)
  • Plasma Weapons
  • High-powered Explosives



The Type-1 Energy Shield/Sangheili is a protective device carried by the Sangheili of the Covenant, Separatists and finally the USR.


The Energy Shield is a gauntlet worn on the wrist that then activates an energy shield from there, much like the Jackal Point Defense Gauntlet. The Type-1 is the earlier variant, used originally in the Sangheili-San'Shyuum War. This energy shield is stronger, due to the fact that it's composed of three separate shield parts. But, due to the fact that it has three pieces to power, the battery life on this variant is not as long as the One Layer variant. All in all, the Energy Shield is highly effective against bullets, but plasma weaponry will take it offline soon enough, as will high-powered explosions.

Operational History

Sangheili-San'Shyuum War

The Energy Shield is one of the oldest, yet still used, pieces of Covenant equipment. When the Prophets found the Elites and started the war between them, one of the most commonly used pieces of equipment (once the Elites began reverse engineering Forerunner technology) was the Energy Shield.

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