Terminal This article, Type-1 Garrote, was written by Phalanx Actual. Please do not edit this fiction without the writer's permission.

The MDK Knife, from which the 23rd and 24th century MRK-13/15 knives originated from.

The CQC Type-1 garrote is a close quarters combat weapon carried by V/SOD, Colonial Intelligence, and Office of Naval Intelligence personnel at all times. Consisting of two generally cylindrical objects held together by 50-60cm long steel-titanium wire approximately with an approximate .45mm radius.

The T1 Garrote is small, inconspicuos, and extremely effective. In 2369 the T-1 recieved its first major upgrade in approximately 20 years, the cylindrical bars that held the wire was replaced by two modified MRK-013 Titanium retractable Mission Knife. The Garrote was modified so that when the safety was turned off, and the MRK-013 was released, the Garrote's wire was released from the left or right knife.

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