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The Type-1 Sight is a USR infantry armor attachment used to enhance the vision of its user in a variety of tactical situations.


Similar in form to the vision attachments used by Kig-Yar snipers during the Human-Covenant War, the Vision Modifier is visor-like in form. It covers both eyes, and covers a broad range of vision sensor technology, allowing the user to see in the infared spectrum, zoom in on targets several miles away, and see in a variety of weather conditions in which unaided vision would be useless.

Because of these diverse capabilities, the Type-1 is used by snipers, scouts, officers, USR troops operating in foul weather, and sentries.

UNSC Remarks

"We were on exercises with the Elites in late 2590. They had two recon guys on a hill four miles away, and we found out they had such good zoom, they were able to read the serial numbers off our rifles."
―Anonymous Marine

"I had an Elite with one of these things spotting for me. I was landing hits on targets I couldn't even see."
―Anonymous Marine

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