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"Type-21 Immobile Ultra Heavy Anti-Aircraft Defensive Platform eh? That's certainly a mouthful."
"Bigger... dan... YOURS!"
Kerbo, joking around with Riley-G659

Four of the Super-Spire's many stories can be seen in this photo. Multiple gravity-lifts, doors, and transporters made traveling through this structure very difficult to those who were unfamiliar with it's basic layout.

The Type-21 Immobile Ultra Heavy Anti-Aircraft Defensive Platform (or just known as the Covenant Super-Spire) was a large Covenant structure deployed during the Loss of Hope. It was basically an enlarged model of the regular Covenant Spire, being approximately three times the size of a Covenant Spire in all respects. It was dropped in the center of five of these regular Spires and guarded by Scarabs as protection against UNSC ground forces. It was eventually destroyed by the falling debris of the Valiant Seraphim.


The Super-Spire was primarily utilized as a trap to small UNSC vessels, such as dropships. Often compared a Venus Flytrap, any non-Covenant vehicles who entered into it's energy shields would instantly be disabled, and in the case of aerial-assault vehicles, this would result in a crash, usually killing all of the passengers. Unlike most other forward operations structure and vehicles, Spires do not have an easily accessible reactor core. The shields generated by the Spire must be activated and deactivated manually through a control interface in the upper portion of the structure. In the Super-Spire, these controls were typically manned by Sangheili Field Marshalls. The operations of the entire Spire in general, was manned by a Sangheili Fleet Master, however.

Super-Spire Base

The highest accessible story of the Super-Spire, where Unngoy were being deployed by Phantoms.

The Covenant Super-Spire managed thirty stories, each with it's own platform. Each platform contained it's own mounted plasma cannons, such as Type-26 Anti-Infantry Stationary Guns and Type-38 Anti-Aircraft Cannons, on virtually every level platform, used to aid Covenant aircraft in aerial warfare. These behemoth structures also were used as teleportation hubs, sending a continuous supply of phantoms and banshees to the battlefield. The Covenant Super-Spire could also be used as a direct-boarding dock for Covenant ships as large as CCS-class Battlecruisers and Covenant Corvettes.

It was later figured that the Super-Spire, like regular Spires had the ability cloak nearby Covenant vessels. The Super-Spire, however, along with the other Spires placed in the area, were presumed to produce enough power to cloak either the entire Fleet of Consecrated Contribution, while limited to the vicinity of Icaria, or only the Covenant Supercruiser Valiant Seraphim around the entire planet of Hope. The Super-Spire is also believed to serve as a giant Covenant stealth pylon. was also utilized as a giant stealth pylon.