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The Type-23 Sangheili Stealth Harness is a form of armor used by Sangheili warriors.


The Type-23 Sangheili Stealth Harness, or Stealth Harness, is a lightly armored harness used by Sangheili Assassins and Pathfinders. Trading armor for stealth features, the Stealth Harness offers little protection, as it is composed of a form fitting alloy – little thicker than fabric – which is embedded with enough micro-solar cells and stealth field generators to create a continuous, near-perfect active camouflage field.

Because of the lack of defensive plating on the harness, two radically different forms of use have arisen for the stealth harness: the first, taking advantage of the harness' maneuverability, is the tactic of sneaking up and killing foes at close range; at the other extreme is the strategy of using long range weapons to eliminate targets. Of course, both methods have downsides, as the former form becomes disadvantaged due to the lack of armor should something go awry, while the latter method can be easily countered through heavy ordnance and counter-sniping.

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