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Gravity Rifle
Production information



Particle Rifle

Technical specifications
Magazine Size

60 shots per battery

Fire Mode


Ammunition Type

Battery Powered

Rate of Fire






  • Sangheili-San'Shyuum War
  • Human-Covenant War
  • Necros War

The Type-24 Particle Rifle, more commonly called the Gravity Rifle, is one of the more obscure Covenant weapons, a highly unique weapon left from the military years of the San'Shyuum.


The Gravity Rifle is a relic from the ancient Sangheili-San'Shyuum War, with the first of the current models being given as a gift to Ameigh Broley once she began to serve the Prophets. The weapon is one of the strangest Covenant weapons encountered, as it is a rifle that fires energy-particle bolts like the Beam Rifle, yet at a speed similar to the Covenant Carbine. The design of the Gravity Rifle is similar to the Brute Spiker, minus the spike: there is the handle and trigger, which curves upwards to become the barrel. In that curve is the ammo chamber, a revolver styled way of holding the bullets which is wrapped around, though still part of, the barrel. The barrel soon ends in a style not unlike the Beam Rifle or Brute Spiker, with both a lower and upper half with the opening in between.

The ammunition of the Gravity Rifle is a rather interesting thing: it appears to be a particle beam, like that of a Beam Rifle, yet it is condensed and kept smaller to the point that it looks like a Carbine shot, only purple. Another interesting property of the ammo is its' "effect" on gravity: for reasons still not entirely understood, the energy bolts discharged from the Particle Rifle have a reverse-Needler effect, pulling things towards the bolt instead of going towards a target.

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