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Alien Tank Desgn - Copy
Wight CCV-L
Production information
Technical specifications







8 tons

Engine Power

Plasma core


Light amalgamated polymer lattice over kinetic and heat resistant composite layers and ceramic plating


Heavy Plasma Cannon

  • Light Tank
  • Reconnaissance vehicle
  • Anti-infantry

Coyote (UNSC) Fox (UNSC)


The Type-2 Close Combat Vehicle, Light is the United Sangheili Republic's light tank.


The Wight ss a lightly armoured vehicle intended for fast reconnaissance or lightening fast attacks against enemy forces. The Wight has moderate armour, with a sleek design and two forward fans protecting it from some flanking fire. The vehicle has a high power reactor and high impulse anti-gravity engines, allowing it to achieve high speeds over land. The Wight is equipped with a turret, carrying a single heavy plasma cannon, capable of damaging similarly armoured vehicles and cutting down light and heavy infantry. It can also inflict heavy damage on low flying VTOLs, bringing them down with ease. The moderate space inside can accommodate four warriors, usually enough for rapid reaction, or reconnaissance, clambering out from the back to support field actions.


Sword WightEdit

Early models proved to have insufficient armour for battling in dangerous war zones. Improvements by Sword engineers allowed for the vehicle to be far hardier.

Ultra WightEdit

Improved by tank-wrights from Lodam Armour for elite formations, the Ultra Wright includes improvements to the armour, but also includes a highly improve cannon, capable of 3 round bursts that can level enemy positions.

Operational HistoryEdit

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