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Production information



Heavy Dropship

Technical specifications
Engine Power

Plasma core




Heavy duty amalgamated polymer lattice over kinetic and heat resistant composite layers and ceramic plating

  • 5 super heavy plasma cannons
  • 4 heavy plasma cannons
  • 1 pilot
  • 2 co-pilots
  • 8 gunners
Minimum crew

1 pilot


Necros War




The Type-32 Apparition Heavy Dropship is a USR heavy dropship.


Being designed for airlifting several of the largest USR vehicles, the Apparition is used to mass deploy infantry and armour, even to a contested war zone. The cockpit, equipped with a super-heavy plasma cannon, is at the very front, and behind that extends the massive vehicle carrying area. In shape, this carrying area is like the Phantom, but it is many times larger and only consists of heavy duty armour built to resist high velocity munitions. This large area can carry over a dozen Ghosts, but its' size and strength are enough that it can lift a Type-46 Scarab if required. The only form of protection against enemies are five super heavy plasma cannon turrets, two mounted towards the rear on either side, two on the top side and one towards the front in the centre, and four smaller heavy plasma cannons, mostly for warding off close air threats.

As well as providing heavy transport, the Apparition can provide close range fire support, being capable of decimating ground forces beneath it.

The Apparition is equipped with advanced countermeasure systems, ECM and a powerful central gravity lift, capable of dropping forces down with ease. It can also land directly and drop its loading ramp to allow vehicles to leave that way. While vulnerable to a concentrated air attack, it carries heavy shielding and armour to protect it.

UNSC Remarks

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