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Peg Rifle 1
Type-33 Heavy Rifle
Production information



Heavy Rifle

Technical specifications

Single Shot

Rate of Fire







Necros War


Jiralhanae Alliance


The Type-33 Heavy Rifle is a Jiralhanae rifle used primarily at medium ranges.


In build the Peg Rifle is similar in form to a Beam Rifle, albeit with some "unique" traits. The modified barrel of the Beam Rifle remains in an abbreviated form, with a revolving ammo compartment below the scope. This compartment carries a series of Spike rounds and their propellants.

Given its great weight, the Type-33 is difficult even for some Brutes to use during sustained fire. To remedy this situation, later models of the Type-33 had a grip added to the barrel and an expanded handle and trigger placed near the butt. But even with this solutions, the recoil of the Type-33 is at times prohibitive, and therefore is used primarily in single-shot mode, Brute marksmen switching only to automatic when suppressing targets or operating at close ranges.

Peg Rifle 2

UNSC Remarks

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