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Type-38 Fiend Light Reconnaissance Vehicle
Production information


Technical specifications

4.2 metres


3.9 metres


1.8 metres


470.2 kilograms

Maximum acceleration

168 KPH

Engine Power

Boosted Gravity Propulsion Drive


Light amalgamated polymer lattice over kinetic and heat resistant composite layers and ceramic plating

  • 2 Light Plasma Cannons

1 Operator


Light Reconnaissance


Necros War




The Type-38 Fiend Light Reconnaissance Vehicle is a light Republic vehicle, used for rapid reconnaissance.


The Fiend is the USR's light reconnaissance vehicle, used for covert investigation of enemy activities. Built in the frame of the ghost, it has stripped down armour, and downgraded weaponry, making it lighter, also making it faster. The hull has been covered in stealth-resistant materials, making it harder to detect with RADAR or motion detectors. Baffles on the engines reduce its noise, while heat sinks around the engine and power plant make it virtually invisible to infra-red. Lastly, it has an active camouflage system, that generates a phased array hologram around the vehicle to render it invisible to the naked eye.

The Fiend is commonly used for scouting and reconnaissance, the whisper-quiet vehicle can get surprisingly close to the enemy's position without being spotted. Its used by the Republic, the Justiciars and the Assassins to quickly travel to locations without being spotted, and for infiltrating enemy positions.

UNSC Remarks

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