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The Type-3 Movement System is a USR infantry movement system, used to grant USR soldiers enhanced underwater mobility.

Hippocampus 2
Hippocampus 1


Used in conjunction with the Flight Harness, the Hippocampus is built from the same frame as the Hippogriff flight pack, although it utilizes vastly different drive technology.

Using twin high speed turbines to propel the wearer underwater, it, like the Hippogriff, is also mounted on the back, though the turbines are positioned slightly differently (the turbines are in line with the shoulders, whereas the anti-grav generators were in line with the shoulder blades).

In order to facilitate underwater operations, the Hippocampus has a small, yet bright searchlight and a breathing tank and mask compatible with the gas preferences of all Covenant species. For special missions, a detachable mask and tank can also be fitted, as can emergency dye markers, grappling hooks, SONAR pods, and bubble projectors, which are useful for marking or concealment purposes.

UNSC Remarks

"What's scaly, carries a sword, swims, but isn't a fish?"

"Heh. Swimming Elites. Awesome."

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