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Type-40 Directed-energy pistol
Type-40 Directed-energy pistol
Production information

Aperture Science, with Sangheili and Huragok assistance


Type 40


Directed Energy weapon


3,214 cR

Technical specifications
Magazine Size

16 shots

Ammunition Type

Superheated Plasma

Rate of Fire

200 shots per minute




Medium to Long range


UNSC (Against All Odds)


UNSC (Against All Odds)


"There are several reasons I love this her gun: its expensive; its damn-near impossible to break; when you shoot it at something, you know the target is down hard; it is simple to use; and it is easy to maintain. God, I love this gun!"
―Anonymous UNSC Marine, on why he loved the Type-40 Directed-energy pistol

The Type-40 Directed-energy pistol is a weapon produced in 2561 by Aperture Science, which assistance from Sangheili and Huragok experts with plasma weapons, minorly aiding relations with either species, and producing a well-designed weapon as well.


The Type-40 Directed-energy pistol was a designed to be a very versatile weapon. The weapon was less of a pistol, and more of a rifle, because of a stock attached to the weapon in the factory, along with a longer barrel. Because of this long range ability, the weapon was fixed with a SOPMOD rail on top of the weapon allowing for long-range scopes to be affixed.

The scope and barrel prevented the weapon from being placed in a holster, but was still significantly smaller then a Submachine gun.

The weapon carried a plasma battery, shaped like a magazine, placed behind the trigger inside the pistol grip. The battery contained enough power for a total of 18 shots, before a new magazine would have been needed to be loaded.