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Skewer GSA
Production information



Ground-Support Aircraft

Technical specifications

15 metres


3.5 metres


2.9 metres

  • 2x plasma autocannon
  • 2x 35mm autocannon
  • 2x 40mm autocannon
  • up to 10 plasma charge, spike cluster bomb, or spike bomb
  • up to 8x missile launchers

The Type-45 "Skewer" Ground Attack Aircraft is a Jirilhanae ground attack aircraft similar to the UNSC Raptor or Sparrowhawk.


As its name suggests, the Skewer looks something like a giant spike with two engines on the side and a cockpit window about half-way along the spike-like body. Two stub-wings for ordinance are located immidiately behind the cockpit. The Skewer's engines are similar to those of the Phantom, and are powered by a plasma core, like most Covenant aircraft. The Skewer is armed with two plasma autocannons in the nose, two 35mm autocannons in the wingroots, and two 40mm autocannons on the wingtip. The stub wings have four pylons each to carry up to eight plasma charges, missile launchers, spike-bombs, or spike cluster-bombs. Two more bombs can be stored in a small internal bomb bay to the rear of the aircraft's stub wings. On Jirilhanae aircraft such as the Skewer, plasma charges are only used for use against tanks, walkers and hardened buildings, Missile Launchers designed by the Jirilhanae Company Pyroneous Industries are also carried on the wing and used as anti-vehicle and air-to-air weapons, infantry targets are engaged using spike bombs, which explode about ten feet in the air and send spikes similar to Brute Spiker rounds flying lethally through the air, and spike cluster bombs, which release several spike grenades in midair, which scatter over a wide area and explode at an altitude of ten feet, finally, the aircraft can carry incendiary bombs for setting fire to infantry and buildings. In addition to it's already formidible arsenal of weapons, Brute Pilots have been know dive on enemy infantry and impale them on the aircraft's spike-like nose.


"This has to be the ugliest aircraft I have ever seen in my life"
―Ross East Jr.
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