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Rifle 1
Type-47 Anti-Infantry Rapid Projectile Launcher
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Technical specifications
Fire Mode


Rate of Fire

Very High




Close to Medium


Necros War


Jiralhanae Kingdoms


The Type-47 Anti-Infantry Rapid Projectile Launcher is a weapon used by the Jiralhanae Alliance


The Firegun is a deadly weapon, designed to put maximum firepower into minimum space. Capable of firing bullets at extra high speeds, the Firegun is a light machine gun, being little bigger than the Brute Spiker, but with faster, deadlier firing capabilities and less ammo. With this increased rate of fire does come one slight danger in the design: the gun will at times catch on fire on the inside from the high amount of friction; this is funneled through a specially designed tube that allows it to escape, which, while designed not to endanger the user of the weapon, is at times a danger to the user's allies.

UNSC Remarks

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