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Type-48 Tarantula UHAPC
Production information



Ultra Heavy Armoured Personnel Carrier

Technical specifications
Engine Power

Plasma Core


ultra heavy amalgamated polymer lattice over kinetic and heat resistant composite layers and ceramic plating

  • 1 quad heavy plasma cannon turrets
  • 4 fixed plasma cannon turrets
  • 1 Super Heavy Plasma Mortar
  • 2 drivers
  • 6 Gunners

40 fully armed troops


Necros War


United Sangheili Republic


The Type-48 Tarantula Ultra Heavy Armoured Personnel Carrier is a Ultra Heavy Armoured Personnel Carrier of the United Sangheilli Republic.

Operational History

Developed during the Civil War, it was created using unfinished Scarab hulks, and outfitted them with siege equipment and troop bays instead of the traditional heavy armament. These vehicles were instrumental in seizing a number of rebellious Keeps, bombarding them at a distance, then clambering over the walls.


The Type-48 Tarantula is the central hub of a scarab tank. The main scarab gun is replaced by a quad heavy plasma cannon turrets, designed for clearing out infantry and light armour ahead of it. They have a low power draw, and an excellent rate of fire, turning its targets into molten slag. Mounted in place of the rear turret is a super-heavy mortar, mounted in place of the usual plasma cannon. Usually mounted on the Type-48 Weevil Turret. While it only has a moderate range, and limited traverse, it is a devastating mobile artillery piece, and levels walls and gatehouses.

There are two assault ramps, two on each side and one on the rear, which are used for troop deployment when the Tarantula kneels down. There is also small gravity lift for troop deployment, and a troop compartment, which can hold 40 fully armed troops, or several light vehicles. Troops can also climb up onto the top deck and provide support fire or vacate the vehicle from that deck. There's a pair of gun turrets mounted above the rear loading ramp, and one on the left and right ramp.

As agile and as heavily armoured as a Scarab, its now an expert at siege work. The sight of them approaching a fortress has been enoguh to force the enemy to surrender, capitulate or simply kill themselves, rather than face defeat at it's claws.

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