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Production information

Type-57 True Phantom Stealth Troop Carrier

Technical specifications
Engine Power

plasma core


heavy duty amalgamated polymer lattice over kinetic and heat resistant composite layers and ceramic plating

Other systems

Active Camouflage Generator




The Type-57 True Phantom Stealth Troop Carrier is a USR stealth transport.


The True Phantom is based upon Great War era Phantoms modified by Sangheili special forces with cloaking technology to preform quiet infiltrations of targets. The True Phantom follows on from this.

The True Phantom was developed using technology designed for use on the Grigori-class stealth fighter, such as RADAR absorbent paints, infra-red and ultraviolet masking materials, repulsor engine cowls that masked their emissions, heat sinks, emission control and advanced ECM technology. This, combined with a active camouflage system allows for the True Phantom to be stealthy and effective, allowing Sangheili special warfare operators to strike at targets deep in enemy territory and leave without ever being noticed. The True Phantom contains all the sub-systems, sensors and weapons of the regular Phantom, allowing it to support infantry with sensor coverage and heavy fire, and defend itself. However, due to the carefully maintained stealth systems, carrying a vehicle externally would render its stealth properties mute, and any vehicle must be small enough to fit internally.

The Phantom Assault Ship s often used by special forces for low profile insertions, avoiding detection or interception fire, and can be launched deep into enemy territory without fear of being engaged. It can also still preform all the roles of the regular Phantom, such as light gunship, armed reconnaissance and search and rescue.

UNSC Remarks

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