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"Almost looks like one of those corny "hoverboard" things from those 20th century comics and movies, you know?"
―Anonymous Marine

The Type-5 Movement System, also known as the Griffin, is a anti-gravity infantry movement system used by the USR.


The Griffin is an odd Covenant system: a large board, propelled by an anti-grav generator capable of can cross both land and water, though it can difficult to control at times given the fact its only control system is that of the user shifting his weight.

It can hold two, but there are no handholds, the only thing keeping one on being the magnetic clamps on the user's feet. Although fairly stable when used on smooth terrain, the board can still be overturned, however, at which point it cannot function, since the anti-grav generators are acting in conjunction with surface gravity, rather than with it.

The nature of the Griffin's anti-grav systems make it unstable over rough terrain and water, although some riders will intentionally steer into inhospitable terrain since the erratic motions of the board make it near-impossible to hit.

Learning to use the Griffin is difficult and trying, and only a few manage to master it, making its users highly respected within the USR. Yet those who are able to perfect its usage provide a vital force multiplier in USR tactical operations.

UNSC Remarks

"Saw one Elite once that had mastered this thing: made using it look like art. He zotted around, circled some Bravo Kilos and mowed 'em down. Tried to get me to test it, but I found out it's not as easy as it looks. Darn hard to control."

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