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Type-61 Electric Shock Weapon
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Necros War


Jiralhanae Kingdoms


The Type-61 Electric Shock Weapon, also called the Mega Taser, is a Jiralhanae Alliance weapon.


The Jiralhanae use tasers like Human chldren use foam dart guns or older Humans use paintball guns; taser variations of popular weapons are common throughout Jiralhanae society. However, it was quite a while before a taser weapon was brought into the military, having formerly been considered a “child's weapon”.
The Mega Taser was designed as an anti-infantry weapon for enclosed spaces. Operating along the same rules as regular tasers, the Mega Taser only has two differences: the first is the power source, being a large back-mounted battery pack capable of unleashing enormous amounts of electricity; the second difference is that the Mega Taser has more than one Taser cord, all capable of being fired separately, which allows for more than one foe to be attacked at one time.
The design of the Mega Taser is a large weapon, not unlike the UNSC's formerly used M705 Flamethrower, with a large rear for the handle and technical aspects and a small front with the taser cables themselves.

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