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Type-66 Adaptable Missile Launcher
Production information

Type 66


missile launcher

Technical specifications
Damage Per Hit

extermely high

Magazine Size


Ammunition Type
  • spike shells
  • guided missiles
Rate of Fire

single launch


high (guided)




Necros War

  • M41B2 Missile Launcher (UNSC)
  • Fuel Rod Cannon (USR)
  • Vindicator Missile (Necros)

Jiralhanae Kingdoms


The Type-66 Adaptable Missile Launcher is a weapon used by the Jiralhanae Kingdoms


Shaped similarly to a wide, flat-top Fuel Rod Cannon, painted in dark brown, and without the Fuel Rod ammunition slot at the rear, the Pounder can hold two of three separate kinds of projectiles at a time, allowing for varying purposes and making the Pounder a highly adaptable form of heavy weapon:
The first form of projectile is a Type-1 Anti-Tank Rocket: designed like a reversed torpedo, the Type-1 Rocket uses anti-gravity technology to cruise just above the surface of the ground, coming up beneath a vehicle to attack its' unarmored belly; it is also attached with various counter-measures to ensure that it does not detonate on obstacles between the launch point and it's target, such as plants, rocks and infantry.
The second form of projectile is the Type-2 Anti-Air Missile: similar to the rockets fired by the UNSC's M41 Rocket Launchers, the Type-2 Missile follows its' targets through the air, being capable of blowing a Banshee out of the air in one hit, while larger craft take more missiles.
The third and final form of projectile is the Type-3 Anti-Infantry Shell: using a hollow missile loaded with a large device similar to a Spike Bomb, the Type-3 Shell is fired over the heads of enemy infantry, where it explodes, raining down the shards of metal to gore the infantry at high velocity.

UNSC Remarks

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