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Brute Crusher Concept
Type-66 Heavy Assault Transport
Production information

Pyroneous Industries


Armored Personnel Transport

Technical specifications

17 meters (55.8 feet)

  • One Plasma Cannon
  • Two 40mm Autocannons
  • 1 Chopper or
  • 1 Prowler or
  • 12 infantry men
    • Brutes
    • Jackals
    • Grunts
    • Drones

Ground Transport




Jiralhanae Packs


The Type-66 Crusher Heavy Assault Transport, also called the Brute Crusher, is a heavy troop transport. It is the Brute version of the Shadow.


The Crusher is a troop transport, that being it's main purpose in battles. As such, it is not built for combat, and has only a few weapons as defensives, though it does sport two large blades similar to those found on a Brute Chopper. The build of the Crusher is two large blade-wheels in the front, a body similar to the Shadow behind that ending in the drivers seat in a reverse fashion of the Shadow. The Crusher also can serve as a vehicle transport, but not much. It can hold two Choppers, but this allows for for only a few passengers. Thus, it's mainly used as the troop transport. The Crusher is very slow, so any fast vehicle can easily outmaneuver it as it attacks. Also, while the Crusher's armor is strong, it front wheel is a relative weak point, as two well-placed explosives can dismantle it and cause the engine to explode.

UNSC Remarks

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