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Production information

Type-67 Spook Troop Transport

Technical specifications
Engine Power

plasma core

  • 2x door mounted rapid fire plasma cannon
  • 1x plasma cannon



The Type-67 Spook Troop Transport is a USR dropship.


Built for air assault and close air support missions, it is small, light and fast. The vehicle is capable of carrying plenty of infantry into combat zones and safely escort them ground side. It is extremely capable of this task, with folding doors and two rapid fire plasma cannons, capable of destroying infantry, allowing infantry to jump to the landing zone in safety while the Spook remains as high in the air as possible. In build, the Spook is similar to a small Spirit in reverse: a cockpit, the plasma cannon mounted under the nose, a troop two-part bay with a door on each side behind that, the empty middle section in between capable of holding one small vehicle, a Ghost, Revenant or a Spectre at the most and carries a advance sensor array on the nose for support purposes.

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