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Demon HWP
Production information



Heavy Weapon Platform

Technical specifications

8.9 meters


7.4 meters


5.5 meters


59.1 metric tons

Engine Power

Boosted Gravity Propulsion Drive

Power plant

Plasma Core


heavy duty nanolaminate plating over heat and kinetic absorbing layers

  • 1 Type-70 Focus Cannon
  • 1 Type-58 DEWE
  • 1 driver
  • 1 Gunner
Minimum crew

1 driver

Year introduced

Remnants War


Anti-Vehicle Platform, Tank Destroyer


United Sangheili Republic


The Type-70 Demon Heavy Weapon Platform is one of the United Sangheili Republic's Anti-Vehicle Platforms. An experimental warmachine, the Demon is already keenly feared by the Covenant.


The Type-70 Demon HWP functions as both the Sword's deadliest tank hunter, and as it's only heavy tank. The sleek design belies the fact it has substantially heavier armour than the Wraith, as well as a much larger reactor to compensate for the larger weapon, and more powerful gravity propulsion drives to compensate for the increased weight. The main gun is a focus cannon, of a category more powerful than that on the Locust, but weaker than the Lich, or Scarab. It features a highly focused beam, that deflagrates once it has penetrated armour. This gun fits flush to the vehicle when not in use, and while active it only has a limited traversal.

The tank is capable of taking on heavily armed vehicles, or Scarab platforms, and succeeding, being capable of surviving their attacks and inflicting serious damage upon them. The Type-70 is often deployed to face the greatest threats, rallying where lesser vehicles have failed, and taking back the advantage.


Sword Demon

The need for ever more powerful war machines has resulted in the Sword's engineers substantially improving the Demon.

Ultra Demon

Considered the cutting edge of technology, Ultra Demon not only sports improved armour, but teams this with a focus cannon that doesn't just penetrate armour, but actively adjusts to it, allowing it to change beam intensity and thickness to match the armour faced, and cut through it.

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