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Flame thrower
Type-77 Anti-Infantry Defoliant Projector
Production information

Pyroneus Industries


Type-77 Anti-Infantry Defoliant Projector


3700 UNSC cR

Technical specifications
Damage Per Hit


Magazine Size

2 4-gallon fuel reservoirs


Necros War

  • M705 Flamethrower (UNSC)
  • Plasma-thrower (USR)
  • Incinerator (Necros)

Jiralhanae Kingdoms


Similar in function and operation to the M705 Defoliant Projector, the Type-77 Anti-Infantry Defoliant Projector, was a fire-based weapons system utilized by the JA during the Necros Wars


Built from fire-resistant ceramics and metals, the Type-77 was a large, long-framed weapon. Fitted with a small pilot light at the front of the weapon, the Type-77 used a highly combustible synthetic liquid of unknown origin as a fuel source. This liquid was stored in a pair of well-armored modular 4-gallon tanks at the rear of the weapon, fitted so as to be easily removable for quick reloading. Variable additives could be inserted into the tanks prior to operation to increase the viscosity, burn rate, and adhesive properties of the fuel, allowing the Type-77 to handle nearly any target.

The large size of these reservoirs, when combined with the robust design and large size of the Type-77 made it very heavy, a gave it a high battlefield profile, a fact that was only furthered by the large jets of flame it exuded when the trigger circuits were fired.

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