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Type 77 Energy Ground to Space Artillery
Production information



Type 77 Energy Ground to Space Artillery System


Self Propelled Anti Aircraft Artillery System

Technical specifications

48.6 Metres


48.3 Metres


41.1 Metres


172 Tons

Maximum acceleration

76 KPH

Engine Power

Plasma core

Fuel Source

3.5 Gv @ 16-17dA

Power plant

Plasma core


heavy duty amalgamated polymer lattice over kinetic and heat resistant composite layers and ceramic plating

  • Pilot
  • Gunner
Year introduced



Anti-Starship Artillery


Necros War




"Good thing the Sangheili are on our side: this thing just punched a gaping hole clean through a Brute cruiser!"
―Codename: LUMBERJACK after watching footage recorded by ONI Recon 251

The Type-77 Ultra Heavy Anti-Starship Platform, also known as the Firefly is the result of an experimental project by the Swords of Sanghelios to create an mobile unit capable of carrying enough fire power to ward off starships. The design was built upon the Scarab chassis, using the tried and tested platform to mount a powerful cannon, powerful enough to even harm starships.

The Firefly début during the Sangheili Civil War, being used to defend the Sword's territory against opposing warlords. It quickly proved to be a lethal combatant, bringing down numerous SDV-class Heavy corvettes, and even felling mighty CCS-class Battlecruisers with concentrated fire. Using a particle cannon, of such size its unseen outside of capital ships, it can fire on space-borne targets with ease, sniping aerial ships. However, the power draw is tremendous, allowing the Firefly to fire once every ninety seconds, with a fifteen second charge time. Between firing, its drained of power and can't move. For personal defence, it utilises three plasma cannons, mostly for fending off aerial or ground threats.

To increase their lethality, they are often paired, or grouped into threes, so they can fire one after another, and while each is crippled by the loss of power, the second and third one can fire at later intervals, keeping up a rate of fire.

ONI Remarks

"It certainly puts our own ground-to-space missiles to shame..."

"With its recharge time, its got around about the same fire rate as our missiles."

"One advantage ours have? Stealth and accuracy I guess. There's no distortion of the beam by atmospheric conditions and we aren't foiled by gray skies."

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