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Batterer exterior
Type-81 Batterer Self-Propelled Artillery
Production information



Self-Propelled Artillery

Technical specifications
  • 1x Heavy Plasma Mortar
  • 2x 35mm Autocannon
  • artillery

Necros War




The Type-81 Batterer Self-Propelled Artillery is one of two Jirilhanae self-proppelled guns, the other being the Wraith.


The Batterer Self-Propelled gun share the same chassis as the Type-11 Mutilator Gravity Assault Vehicle, with a large spiked set of tracks on the front and two anti-gravity engines on the back. The main difference between the Batterer and the Mutilator is the replacement of the turreted artificial gravity generator with a heavy plasma mortar in a non-traversing mount. The plasma mortar fires balls of plasma similar to those of the Sangheili Gremlin SPG. Like the Gremin, the Batterer is poorly suited to direct fire engagements as it must deploy two stabilizer struts before firing.

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