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Poltergeist MBT
Production information

Type 89


Main Battle Tank

Technical specifications

8.5 meters


8.3 meters


5.3 meters


42.3 metric tons

Engine Power

Boosted Gravity Propulsion Drive

Power plant

Plasma Core


heavy duty nanolaminate plating over heat and kinetic absorbing layers

  • 1 Type-89 Heavy Particle Cannon
  • 1 Type-58 DEWE
  • 1 driver
  • 1 Gunner

Main Battle Tank


United Sangheili Republic


The Type 89 Poltergeist Main Battle Tank is a the main battle tank of the of the United Sangheilli Republic.

Operational History

During the Human-Covenant War, The Covenant lacked a true main battle tank, the Wraith being more of an up-armoured self-propelled gun. The Wraith carried a plasma Mortar, a weapon poorly suited for the job of engaging heavy armour at the short ranges of most tank battles, and the Wraith lacked a revolving turret. Thus Wraiths often lost battles to smaller groups of Scorpion Tanks. After the Human-Covenant War, the United Sangheili Republic, formerly the Covenant Seperatists, designed a vehicle loosely based off of their UNSC allies Scorpion. The vehicle, known as the Type 89 MBT, or Poltergeist, carries a particle-beam cannon in a turret, and has proved itself superior to Covenant Remnant Wraiths.


The Type-89 MBT uses the chassis of the updated Type-58 Wraith Assault Gun Carriage. As such, the tank already has enhanced speed, modernised armour, a new driver control suite and improved systems. The large mortar aperture and cover has been removed, with the bulk of the inboard space now taken up by the gun's power and cooling systems. Added onto the super structure above the tank is the turret, consisting of a rounded turret mount, with a centre aligned particle cannon. On the right of this is the rapid fire plasma cannon, shared with the Spectre light vehicle. This gives it deadly fire power against infantry, especially at close ranges. Mounted above the main gun is the sensor bundle, carrying an array of sensors for passively and actively detecting vehicles in a variety of spectrums.

The Poltergeist is far superior to older generation Wraith's used by the Covenant Remnant, in most areas of conflict. It is still somewhat of a rare sight, and full replacement of the Wraith is some time off. Instead, it is deployed as a specialist tank hunter


Sword Poltergeist

Even before the Poltergeist has reached full deployment, steps have already been taken to improve armour and systems, resulting in the Sword pattern.

Ultra Poltergeist

Rare, artificer made variants, intended as test-beds more than a real model, the Ultra-class is built around experimental particle cannon that allows rapidly fire two shots, one after the other. This allows it rapid kills, on even heavy armour.

Kalmaras' Lance

Personal chariot of Tankmaster Foruk, Kalmaras' Lance is a modified pattern, intended to utterly annihilate the enemy. The Lance is armed with a particle cannon more powerful than any other like it. It also fires a sustained beam. So prideful of this weapon, Foruk has decorated the cannon in colourful livery, so his enemies always know of his arrival.

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