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Incubus ARRV
Production information



Armored Repair and Recovery Vehicle

Technical specifications
Engine Power

plasma core


light amalgamated polymer lattice over kinetic and heat resistant composite layers and ceramic plating

  • 1x light plasma autocannon

3 (driver, gunner, plasma winch/grav-lift operator)

Cargo capacity

capable of carrying up to 80 tons

Other systems
  • plasma winch
  • magnetic clamps
  • gravity lift
  • Armored Repair and Recovery

Scorpion ARRV (UNSC), Tormentor AREV (Necros)


Necros War




The Type-97 Incubus Armoured Repair Recovery Vehicle is a USR Armoured Repair Recovery Vehicle.


The Incubus ARRV looks something like a longer, wider "flatbed" version of the Shadow. Using gravity lifts and a plasma cable winch, the Incubus fulfills its' purpose of ARRV well, being capable of retrieving nearly any vehicle from nearly any situation (bar walkers). Using the plasma winch, it pulls the vehicle next to itself where the powerful magnetic clamp/gravity lift system lifts the vehicle onto its' large bed. The bed of the Incubus can carry a single Wraith or Poltergeist tank, two Spectre, four Ghosts, and any UNSC or other allied vehicle up to the equivalent weights of the aforementioned vehicles. While the Incubus does have a light plasma autocannon on top of the cab for token anti-infantry and anti-air defense, the Incubus is ill-suited for combat, and is often escorted when involved in rescue and recovery operations in hostile territory.

UNSC RemarksEdit

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