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A example of a Type-X GMS, belonging to Aceon DeRagen

Type-X Gravity Manipulation System
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  • Gravity Weapon
Technical specifications
Fire Mode



500 metres


Necros War




The Type-X Gravity Manipulation System is a unique Plainsfierian weapon used for a variety of purposes.


The Type-X GMS, also known as a 'Gauntlet' are hand crafted weapons, created by Plainsfierian weapon masters before the fall, these unique weapons took years to craft, and even longer to master, and were often issued only to the most famous and powerful Plainsfierian warriors. During the conflict with the Covenant, many Sangheili warriors brought tales of super powered monsters who could throw tanks like toys of crush warriors like refuse back to thier home Kaidons, and some of the best warriors brought home Gauntlets as trophies, leaving many in the ownership of private trophy collections following the Fall. After the exodus, there were few Weapon Masters left, and the art has been in steady decline ever since.

The Type-X GMS is a minute, but powerful gravity manipulation device, with the power dependant on the skill of the crafter. The weapon was designed using reverse engineered Forerunner schematics and technology and uses a number of gravity manipulation devices (which were crudely copied in the Gravity Hammer) that could be effective up to 500 metres before they start to lose effectiveness. The Gravity Gauntlet can be used in a variety of ways, the most obvious being lifting and moving. Sufficiently strong units could lift Wraiths and throw them, the fine motor defining lift and direction. Seasoned masters could slam tanks down with enouh force to crack them open, crush infantry in super dense gravity fields, generate pin point gravity singularities, allow the user to levitate, with certain control, generate defensive super-dense gravity fields and affect the force of punches with the robust gauntlet through accurate adjustment of its mass through gravity manipulation. The gravity gauntlet is linked directly to a user's cerebellum through a painful neural grafting procedure. Once a gauntlet is calibrated and bound to a user, they cannot use a different gauntlet without their neural implants being recalibrated.

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