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Type-X Heavy Assault Weapon
Production information





Heavy Assault Weapon

Technical specifications
Magazine Size

13 pellets in hopper

Fire Mode


Ammunition Type

Phased Plasma




accurate to 900 metres


2900 metres


Necros War




The Type-X Heavy Assault Weapon is a Plainsfierian heavy weapon


The Type-X HAW fires a charged burst of phased plasma, using a laser to ionise large composite pellet from the 13 round hopper inserted behind the grip. The super heated plasma charge is shunted into a magnetic tunnel and encased in a residual magnetic fielld. The highly compressed plasma orb reaches a liquid state in flight. When it impacts on a target, the magnetic field collapses and the plasma detonates, causing a explosion with a 10 metre kill radius, with targets up to 20 metres suffering severe burns and electromagnetic interference up to 37 metres. The HAW can flatten reinforced buildings, blow open bunkers and devastate infantry units in open cover. Its effect against heavily armoured vehicles is lesser, with it usually causing heavy, but not catastrophic damage, not enough to disable or destroy most vehicles, with the explosion alone.

UNSC Remarks

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