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Type-X Infantry Sidearm
Production information




  • Personal Defence Weapon
Technical specifications
Fire Mode


Ammunition Type
  • 5.1 x 40mm caseless radioactive projectiles
Rate of Fire

800 rounds per minute


accurate to 200 metres


500 metres


Necros War




The Type-X Infantry Sidearm is a Plainsfierian sub machine gun.


The Type-X IS is a short barrelled SMG used by the Plainsfierian tribes as a side arm for infantry men. It uses the smaller 5.1mm caseless round, meaning it carries less range than larger firearms, but carriers adequate stopping power and accuracy at short range.

The IS uses snub nosed, high power caseless radioactive ordnance. The Ordnance is snub nosed and incredibly hard, causing heavy damage to flesh and armour. It travels at 700 metres per second and is propelled by 'cold plasma' explosions, acting like gunpowder. It uses magazines of 48, has selective trigger grouping and has adjustable iron sights. It has a high rate of fire, but has poor accuracy at medium range, relegating it to close, personal defence.

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