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ML77 Missle Launcher Armory
Type-X Missile System
Production information





Missile System

Technical specifications
Magazine Size

6 Missiles

Fire Mode


Ammunition Type



7200 metres


Necros War




The Type-X Missile System is a Plainsfierian heavy weapon


The Type-X MS is the primary, if only, anti-tank weapon in the Plainsfierian ordnance, utilising 90mm missiles moving at hypervelocity. These missiles utilises a EXCALIBUR-like composite-HEAT warhead, propelled by a high impulse rocket motor with 20 control surfaces. The missile utilises a 4 stage target lock system, using jam-proof AESA RADAR, LASER guidance, infra-red and optical, with IFF identifier and logic system for active decoy avoidance. The Missile is coated in stealth paint, rendering it infra-red, RADAR and LASER invisible, with active baffles on the engine to mask their thermal signature. The missile launcher is designed for a top-down attack trajectory, but can be free-fired forward. The launcher uses a digital zoom system with the capability for 10x zoom, with day, night, thermal and RADAR targeting systems. This data is fed to a interactive hologram mounted on the missile launcher. The missile launcher is fed with 6 round magazines and can fire two missiles at once, or one after the other, to overwhelm armour and defensive systems.

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