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Type-X Velocity Rifle
Production information




  • Sniper Rifle
Technical specifications
Magazine Size

7 rounds

Fire Mode


Ammunition Type

5.4 x 49mm


Gauss System


100% at distances under 10 kilometers, 99.85% at 15 km


27 kilometres


Necros War




The Type-X Velocity Rifle is a Plainsfierian sniper rifle, being designed for engaging heavy infantry and light armour at extreme ranges.


When the Plainsfierans joined the AUR and began to rebuild thier homeworlds and military, the search was on for a heavy sniper rifle for anti-material and anti-armour duties. With the Covenant possessing no rifle capable of this duty, and the designs and production facilities for most pre-Fall Plainsfierian weapons gone, the Plainsfierians turned to the UNSC. Taking a interest in the M99 Stanchion, the Davral Rearmament Council gained license to produce a indigenous version. The weapon was heavily modified from the original, the weapon was turned into a bullpup design and took 7 round charger clips. It was fixed with a solid bipod and a advanced computerised scope, mixing satellite imaging, meteorological data and day/night vision, up to a 20x zoom. The Type-X VR has near identical statistics to the Stanchion CA1.

UNSC Remarks

Equipment of the Plainsfier Tribes

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Other Technology

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