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Type 3 Experimental Graphene Armor: Combat Prototype
Production History
Designed by

Dark Space Shipyards

  • Sixty layers of graphene molecules
  • Over a quadruple weave Kevlar and liquid crystal mesh
  • Includes boots and a helmet
  • Thick as MJOLNIR armor
  • Contains a bleeding-edge electronics system
  • Funds to build one suit could be used to build a Battleship


The Type 3 Experimental Graphene Combat Armor is the single most advanced suit known by any current species. It contains everything the Mark VII MJOLNIR suit has, including shields and active camouflage. The electrical system is what sets this suit apart. It can withstand a Mark II Archer Missile and come out almost unscathed, and the nerve enhancements cause the user to move extremely fast. This suit was first tested by Spartan D514 in 2576, and new armor designs have been based off it.


  • Extremely powerful
  • Boosts neural processing of motor function
  • Contains three neural interfaces and an AI slot


  • Impossibly expensive. Only one suit exists, and no plans are being made to build another.


One suit can take up to ten months to create. The technology used is only known to a few people. Only one person outside Section Three has a hint of the super-suits existence.

During the stages of massive insurrectionist activity, this may have replaced the MJOLNIR armor had the technology developed enough. However, once the Human-Covenant War began, the project was pushed to the side. As graphene is only a slightly better conductor than MJOLNIR armor plates, the armor that could pay for fifty MJOLNIR suits was pushed aside.