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Model 47 Light Machine Gun
Type 47 Machine Gun
Production information

Aperture Science


Type 47


Medium Machine Gun

Technical specifications
Magazine Size

150 rounds

Fire Mode


Ammunition Type

9.5x40mm APEI Armor-Piercing-Explosive-Incendiary

Rate of Fire

160 rpm 2.6 rounds per second


1.5 km


Post Human-Covenant War


Interspecies Union


"I love using this gun in entrenched positions. It's the perfect defensive anti-personnel weapon. It has a fairly low rate of fire, but it's got the range and accuracy of a sniper while still holding that close-in power of your regular 9.5mm weapon. It dominates any battlefield."
―Anonymous Machine Gunner

The Type 47 Machine Gun was a UNSC medium Machine Gun, produced by Aperture Science, immediately following the end of the Human-Covenant War. The weapon's 9.5x40mm round made it more powerful than light machine guns utilising the 7.62x51mm NATO round, and lighter and more portable than heavy machine guns using the 12.7x99mm round. The Type 47 was most commonly issued to designated marksmen within squads or troops expected to see extended ranged combat.


The Type 47 Machine Gun had the capability to provide rapid-fire at a very high accuracy, at ranges up to 1500 meters. The weapon's barrel was lined with heat-resistant, frictionless coating, meaning it did not melt after prolonged periods of continuous fire. The weapon's 9.5x40mm Armor-Piercing-Explosive-Incendiary rounds were very efficient at engaging Covenant infantry, often downing smaller targets in just a few hits.

The weapon was designed to be utilized in a defensive role, however, it was often used offensively by marksmen, who utilized more powerful scopes and the bipod on the weapon, to use it in a role similar to a designated marksman rifle, with a higher rate of fire. The weapon was also often employed in squad-based combat, where a single soldier would use it to supplement his squad's firepower and range. A common tactic was for the machine gunner to suppress the targets, affecting the accuracy of their return fire and allowing other squad members to outflank the enemy.