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The Tyrant MAU

The Tyrant class Mobile Assault Unit is mech suit used by the Plainsfierian Tribes


The Tyrant MAU is a heavy assault unit used by the Plainsfierian Tribes to support infantry units in close assault. The Tyrant MAU is heavily armoured, with nanotube and ceramic plating, allowing it to shrug off munitions even designed to halt tanks. The Tyrant MAU suspends a pilot in the torso, with the pilot exerting control through their neural implant. The Tyrant is built in the visage of a Plainsfierian, with two arms and two legs, powered by synthetic muscle fibres, giving them excellent agility, strength and speed. The armour comes with passive camouflage, active phased array camouflage, infra-red suppressive paint, RADAR/LIDAR absorbent paint and is powered by three small fusion reactors in season, powering its high end shield capacity, along with all other systems. The fully articulated head contains 10% independent zoom, with optical, night vision and infra-red capabilities, along with a head mounted LIDAR. The unit also possess RADAR and dual phase motion detectors. The armour is supported by a free phase anti-gravity system, giving it limited flight, VTOL and increased balance. The Tyrant is protected by cybernetic warfare system, allowing a user to attempt to hack enemy forces, while protecting them and the suit from enemy net attacks.

There is a second version of the Titan, the Arch-Titan, which features a more powerful fusion reactor, more powerful shielding, heavier armour, more advanced motion system and a plasma stealth field, similar to the one on the Astral armour.


  • Type-X Heavy Assault Cannon: The HAC fires 12mm caseless radioactive slugs with a high rate of fire, devastating infantry forces. It can be used as a sniper rifle, as a back up. It features a 5x digital optical/night vision zoom hard wired to the suit.
  • Type-X Light Particle Cannon: The LPC is a light particle cannon, capable of causing catastrophic damage to even heavy armour.
  • Type-X Twin Rotary Cannon: The TRC fires 8.7mm slugs from dual rotary assemblies, achieving a enormous rate of fire, capable of destroying vast swathes of enemy forces.
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