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40px-Terminal.png This article, UNMS-01A Frontline, was written by Another Poetic Spartan. Please do not edit this fiction without the writer's permission.
MP MS (TSC) The "Robotic" Model of Generation 1
UNMS-01A Frontline
Product Information

Revolutech Advanced Industries Seal Revolutech Advanced Industries


UNMS-01A Frontline


1st Generation Mobile Suit

Technical Specifications

Ultracompact Energy Battery

  • 120mm "Panzer" Gauss Rifle
  • A1B "Gardna " Multi-Purpose Shield
  • Coltach Anti-Personnel Weapon

Titanium-A Battleplate


1 Pilot (Located in Chest Area)

Chronological and Affiliation

The UNMS-01A Frontline, generally known by its official designation of United Nations Mobile Suit Generation 1A Frontline, or simply called the Frontline by their operators was the first mobile suit series of the Generation 1 line. The UNMS-01A Frontline was typically utilized by the United Nations Space Command Defense Force and their allies later on with the main intent of being used as an Mass Produced Infantry Suit. The Frontline was designed by the scientists of Project AEOLIA and was manufactured by the Human contracted Revolutech Advanced Industries, a company largely known for its affiliation with Project AEOLIA and its hand for aiding in the manufacture of AEOLIA's unique technologies. The Frontline was developed in the late 2400s as a means to combat the Insurrectionist Threat



Usage in the Human-Covenant War



Impending Extinction in the Saulosian Campaign

Combat Abilities


System Features


  • Ultracompact Energy Battery -

Combat Abilities

120mm "Panzer" Gauss Rifle

A1B "Gardna" Multi-Purpose Shield

Coltach Anti-Personnel Weapon

List of Mobile Suits utilized by the UNSC
1st Generation

UNMS-01A FrontlineUNMS-01B Defensive LineUNMS-01T Dagger (R-TypeS-Type)

2nd Generation

UNMS-02C InterventionUNMS-2D Barrage

3rd Generation

UNMS-03G VanguardUNMS-03Q WardenUNMS-03R Rousseau

4th Generation

UNMS-04V CenturionUNMS-04W PraetorianUNMS-04U HopliteUNMS-04Y Legionary

Individual Units

UNMS-0I1 SymphonyUNMS-0I8 Damascus

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