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Hello, my friend. I am Aurora, personal AI to XXX, and I've been ordered to brief all possible members of the Infinityverse: The Galactic War collaborative project. Here are just a few of the basics:

  1. The era in which this project will take place is approximately 2690 through 2770, though the spotlight will be on the years 2715 through 2840.
  2. The Galactic War is an ongoing, ravaging war between multiple factions, namely the UNSC & allies, Covenant & allies, CJE & allies, and the Veer, a mighty near-Tier One species originating from the far end of the galaxy.
  3. There will be a similar equivalent to the Spartans, the article being here.
  4. There are many opportunities for co-writes if you are interested.
  5. This page will give insight to the current specs of the day. In other words, it will give the basic rundown of current vehicles, ships, armor, and weapons that each main faction uses.

UNSC Intel


Something to keep in mind is that even though the UNSC has taken the heat of consecutive wars for decades, allies have taken a lot of the heat off and allowed for all factions to not quite prosper, though still make advancements without heavy setbacks. Ex: while the Second Great War lasted for decades, it was more of a conflict between the Old and New Covenants and the Tuqoi Dynasty, though the UNSC nevertheless played a crucial part; in essence, they were never the defenders for long and they may as well be damned lucky that it occurred that way. And also, many of these can keep up with Covenant vessels pound for pound because of the Sangheili aid.

Thor-class Avatar
Rio de Janeiro-class Avatar
  • Battleships
Trojan-class Dreadnought
  • Carriers
Celtic-class Attack Carrier
  • Cruisers
Headstrong-class Light Cruiser
Mountaineer-class Battlecruiser
Xerxes-class Cruiser
  • Destroyers
Mammoth-class Destroyer
  • Frigates
Verona-class Stealth Frigate
Aias-class Frigate
Retarius-class Frigate
  • Corvettes
  • Auxillary
Rutherford B. Hayes-class Transport

Parasite Craft

  • Starfighters
C3 Talon Interceptor
C59 Archangel Starfighter
  • Dropships
Tempest dropship
DV-235 Orca Dropship
DHV-5 Narwhal Heavy Dropship
  • Atmospheric Fighters
HF7 Skirmisher Strike Fighter
  • Atmospheric Gunships/Transports
V19 Pathfinder Tiltrotor
  • Other Craft
Exoatmospheric Assault Vehicle


  • Scouts
M28 Gorilla Heavy Reconnaissance Vehicle
  • APC's, IFV's, etc.
  • Tanks
H15 Hellcat Main Battle Tank
  • Mobile Artillery
  • Other