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Terminal This article, UNSCDF(L3GION), was written by XW3 AR3 L3GION. Please do not edit this fiction without the writer's permission.

The United Nations Space Command Defence Force, commonly shortened to as the UNSC Defence Force and the Armed Forces of the United Federation, is the military force of the United Federation of Earth and Her Colonies. It consists of the active forces of the Navy, Marine Corps, Naval Air Corps, Army, Army Air Force, Colonial Militia, Naval Sea Service and the Peacekeeper Corps.




The United Nations Space Command Defence Force consists of many branches, however only a few take the form of a military force:

United Nations Space Command Navy

The UNSC Navy is the backbone of the entire UNSCDF and is responsible for the naval operations in space, delivery of Marines and on the occasion Army troops. Consisting of thousands of ships both military and commerical, the Navy has several branches within its own. The UNSC Navy was effectively destroyed at the end of the Great War but since the Sangheili-Terran Alliance, the Navy was at the forefront of the reforms. Its ineffective ships were replaced with advanced vessels designed with bleeding edge technology.

United Nations Space Command Marine Corps

As the UNSC Navy inevitably grew, so did the diverse usage of the Marine Corps, becoming one of the largest armed force ever in Terran history. The UNSC Marine Corps was the sword of the UNSCDF during the Great War and suffered some of the most dreadful losses. However the Marine Corps served in some most critical campaigns and operations of the war. After the Terran-Covenant War, the Marine Corps once again grew in power, despite being reliant on the Navy and Naval Air Corps for most of their transportation.

United Nations Space Command Naval Air Corps

The Naval Air Corps a joint force between the Navy and the Marine Corps, they are responsible for fighter-to-fighter action and to transport Marines and Naval personnel from ship-to-ship/ground as well as supporting Marines and other UNSC military personnel during planet-side operations. The Naval Air Corps is seperate from the Army Air Force and is attached to a certain ship or Battlegroup.

United Nations Space Command Army

The UNSC Army is responsible for the land-based military operations and defence. While the UNSC Marine Corps still mantains the highest number of armed personnel and is regularly seen planet-side, the UNSC Army has its own functions and bases of power. The UNSC Army is split into two different sub-branches; Regular and Territorial (based on the now-defunct British Armed Forces of the Great British Isles after the military power-shift). The Regulars are sent on operations that concern enemy-held planets and once landing and taking them with help from the Marine Corps, act as the permanent garrison. The Territorials stay on UNSC-held planets and act as a defensive garrison. As they are normally locally recruited, the have incredible knowledge of the planets enviroment and cities. They also have access to the underground bunkers that are designed to allow the civilian populace to retreat to and wait out the invading Remnant forces.

United Nations Space Command Army Air Force

As the Army is primarily concerned with land-based operations, their own personal air force is as well. The UNSC AAF consists of gunships and other atmospheric aerial vehicles, all unable to break orbit such as the UH-144 Falcon and the AV-14 Attack VTOL. The AAF works in tandem with the UNSC Naval Air Corps, Army and Marine Corps.

Colonial Militia

The Colonial Militia is a part-time paramilitary force with the responsibility to safeguard UNSC planets when there is no UNSC forces present. They are required to serve with the UNSC Army in case of Remnant invasion but during peacetime they are trained under Colonial Militia Training Program.

United Nation Space Command Naval Sea Service

The UNSC NSS is the waterbourne navy of the UNSCDF responsible for patrolling the seas and oceans of Earth and her colonies. While offically under the jurisdiction of the UNSC Army, the Naval Sea Service is considered very different from any other military division of the UNSCDF.

United Nations Space Command Peacekeeping Corps

The UNSC Peacekeeping Corps was created after the Great War to 'keep the peace' amongst unglassed UNSC Colonies. Armed and armoured lightly, many Peacekeepers were ex-veterans and rookies meant only to enforce UNSC rule on unruly colonies.

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