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After Human-Covenant War HistoryEdit

The UNSC after the Human-Covenant War was devastated and in shambles. With very little colony worlds left and industry and agriculture nonexistant, many other races thought that Humanity may go extinct, and that even after the fall of the Truth he would still accomplish his mission. However, the Sangheili-Lekgolo Diarchy, composed of untouched Covenant colonies, eagerly stepped in and helped out. The Sangheili helped build more ships for the UNSC, allowing travel and trade to expand with the newly freed races of the former Covenant. The Yanme'e Emirates supplied more than 80,000 tons of food for the starving humans, and helped defend the major trade routes from the Jackal Clan Alliance. The Grunt Republic helped with reconstruction of old colonies, and using highly advanced Covenant terraforming technology influenced by the almighty Forerunner, actually did the unthinkable:They brought back Reach, Harvest, and Arcadia, in 17 years. Sigma Octanus was put under government control so that manufacturing could be done there, and Earth rose from the fiery ash it was left in. Most rogue Flood ships posing a threat to the massive recontruction project were hunted down and destroyed, however many still exist in the outskirts of the galaxy. Moral was further boosted when directly after the UNSC finished recovering in 2566, John-117 and Cortana were discovered floating in the Dawns wreckage far south in the Grunt Republic. After being unthawed and returned to the UNSC, he was awarded the UNSC Cross of Humanity, an award given to the most beloved humans ever.

Yanme'e-UNSC Joint Defensive CampaignEdit

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Composed of a large naval armada of 790 ships, the UNSC is the 2nd most powerful nation in the known galaxy. New weapons have also been built, like the MA6A Assault Rifle, replacing the 20 years defunct MA5C. New ships were built also, like the Heracles-class Frigate, named after the joint UNSC-Yanme'e condominium Heracles.

Agriculture & IndustryEdit

After the war, the Yanme'e Emirates and the UNSC became close allies, and the Yanme'e helped with agriculture by supplying an almost infinite amount of young Drone workers to help. With their disproportional strength, they could easily lift heavy objects, and in industrial facilities this was highly valued. The Yanme'e also export tons of agricultural goods, ranging from melons to grain and from apples to oranges. The UNSC gets lower prices for these, as they are human plants.