Terminal This article, UNSC 13th Fleet, was written by Ajax 013. Please do not edit this fiction without the writer's permission.

A long thought estroyed fleet, having been sent to the front in 2551 and never seen again, the truth was much more insidious. Being redirected to Red-0112 by ONI, along with the UNSC 22nd Fleet and the UNSC 2nd Fleet, they were reformed into one super fleet, preparing to act as escorts to the three Myth-class Battleships to one deciding showdown with the Covenant, preparing to lure them into a trap above Dust. Instead, with the discovery of Earth, their prirties changed. They joined with the Fleet of Redemption to form the Joint Task Force 1st Fleet. The 13th fleet included the Super Cruiser UNSC Gojira and the Marathon-class Cruiser, the UNSC Defender.

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